Each week’s session focuses on a different area of the game to improve your ability with a focus on skills training from professional coaches with other women at your level. We provide the courts and rackets – you get the fun and can be as competitive as you want, without feeling under pressure. The sessions are perfect for both improver and intermediate players.

The sessions will rotate through the following focus point:

Every Shot Counts | Improve shot consistency
Keep Them Moving | Understand how to move your opponents
Closing The Net | When to approach the net and how to finish the point
First Service | How to deal with 1st/2nd serve & improving your own serve & return
Stand Strong |How to recover well and cover the court
Defending The Attack | How to defend an attacking shot
Working Together | How to work with your partner
Playing To Your Strengths | Becoming aware of your opponent and hot to exploit their weaknessess

Class 1 | 6pm - 7pm BOOK HERE
Class 2 | 7pm - 8pm BOOK HERE