Tennis Xpress is a beginner adult introductory coaching course for players who want to learn the basics of the sport. Over a period of six weeks, Tennis Xpress is centred on the use of modified equipment such as slower bouncing green and orange balls to ensure that players quickly learn the game of tennis; being able to serve, rally and score by the end of the course.

£48 | 6 week course

week 1
Achieving success - forehands and backhands
week 2
Dealing with problems - Understanding how to read the incoming ball
week 3
Being in the right place - preparing body and racket ready to hit and knowing where to recover
week 4
Causing trouble - learn how to direct the ball and move your opponent
week 5
Putting it all together - combining everything that was taught in weeks 1 - 4
week 6
Points! Attacking and defending - Knowing when the right time is to attack or defend
Warm Up (10 mins)
Xpress challenge (20 mins)
Introduction to key teaching points
Xpress Improve (25 mins)
Developing teaching points through drills set up in 3 ways - players feeding the ball to each other, working with the coach and players rallying together.
Xpress points (60min)
Competition is explored in every session. The rules are slowly introduced when relevant. Practice what you have learnt with your peers. Please note this section is not coach supervised


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